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Steve Gapp

Profile Updated: April 11, 2017
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Residing In
Aumsville, OR USA
Jenny (1980)
Travis (1984)
Megan (1988)
Yes! Attending Reunion

I moved to Oregon in 1971 and finished my senior year of high school in Medford. Went on to Oregon State and graduated in 1976 and got married a week later. I've been involved is selling chemicals and fertilizer (crop consulting) to farmers for 38 years.
We have lived in the same house in the country for 35 years and have slowly fixed it up to be our refuge from the world. We raise some cattle on the place and a big garden and lots of lavender. Annette has put up with me for 41 years. It hasn't been easy but she has me trained pretty well.
I have backpacked, hunted and skied all over the west, Canada and Alaska. My wife likes to shop in old antique (junk) stores and I like road trips to lonely wilderness areas where we hang our food in a tree at night so grizzlies don't come into the tent.
Our health is good. Had a bout with cancer 12 years ago but surgery and radiation knocked it out for now.
Thinking about retirement in 3 years. I still go to the gym three days a week, play the guitar and work on my used book library.
It has been a good life. Not perfect but very satisfying. Our generation was blessed with abundance, prosperity, opportunity (for most) and the freedom to live life as we have chosen.

School Story

I wasn't there to graduate with you all ,having moved off to Oregon after my junior year. I never regretted that move. I did miss my friends that first summer, particularly one young lady I'd gotten close to. But life moved on.
Our childhood and school days were fantastic. PF was a terrific place to grow up and historians have recognized that fact. Rich East was a neat school and had many great teachers. I remember the art teacher was a particularly attractive blond, right out of college. She had a most of us daydreaming in her classes.
I broke my leg my sophomore year doing a dismount off the parallel bars. The coach spotting me was an idiot and didn't know jack about our sport. That injury effected me for year afterwards.
But high school for me was a series of missed opportunities and naïve enjoyment. Looking back we were safe from harm and nurtured as no generation before us had been. School shootings were unheard of. I think I saw only a few fist fights in school that lasted maybe 15 seconds. I had to move to Oregon to see a bona fide knock-down-drag-out fight !
I've been back to PF and Rich several times over the past 45 years. It was a melancholy affair on all occasions. I couldn't bear to see all of (us) as the nearly old people we are becoming. Instead I'll occasionally see your images on Facebook (which I seldom visit) but will remember you all as the faithful friends that knit together a fairyland school experience I will always treasure.